Friday, March 17, 2017

Moral Dilemma Literature Circles

A moral dilemma is when a person is trying to decide if they should do the write thing or if they should do the wrong thing to protect someone. In my group's first book, Under the Same Sky by Cynthia DeFelice, the moral dilemma was that Joe, the main character, couldn't decide if he should turn in the migrant workers, who have illegal papers, in to the border patrol or not. He had befriended the migrant workers who had the illegal papers so that especially made it hard. The characters that were involved were Joe, Manuel,  Luisa, Frank, and Rafael. The dilemma was solved by Joe deciding to do the right thing and follow his heart. He helped the migrant workers get to another farm where they could be safe. If I was put in the same situation, I would have done the same thing. I would have done that because I would want to protect my friends and trust them as well. I agree with the moral dilemma though, it would have been a very hard choice to make. The next book that we read was Nothing But The Truth by Avi. The moral dilemma was that Philip, the main character, can't decide if he should make a big deal out of the fact that he got suspended for singing the national anthem during morning announcements or to let it slide because he did break a rule saying that he needed to stand still and quiet during the playing of the national anthem. The characters that are involved are Philip, Miss. Narwin, and Dr. Palleni. Since my group did not finish the book I don't know how Philip solved his moral dilemma, my prediction is that Philip will give up on all of the news reporters and go back to school with an open mind and to maybe actually try harder to do better in English since he got assigned a new homeroom teacher. If I was in Philip's place I would have not let my father talk to the news reporter in the first place. If somehow what happened to Philip happened to me I would have done the thing that I predicted, even though my prediction might not be correct. I would have done this because I would not want attention.

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